Tug of War is Fun

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We love science-based, positive reinforcement and force-free solutions. Understanding dog body language and calming signals are hugely helpful in listening to your beloved canine family. Communication is a two-way street.

Happy trails to all of our fellow GeauxDawgs!



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These Paws Have Wings

Life has a funny way sometimes of taking all of our well-laid plans and incinerating them. Out of the ashes of our former lives we arise like a Phoenix to embrace the new world in which we find ourselves. Such is the life of our pack.

The flames are still burning around us but our future is within sight. What do we see on the distant horizon? A journey to be made with our dog pack and clowder of beloved felines. Beautiful vistas and distant glory give us hope for a renewed life, a more authentic life.

Please, join us on our journey; and bring your faithful companions too. Life is richer and deeper when we have our four-legged companions with us on our adventures. Our dogs love to ‘ride shotgun.’ We call them our ‘Go Dogs.’ Let’s do this.